Free Grinch Crochet Pattern


Free Grinch Crochet Pattern

Grinch Crochet Pattern - 2
Everyone’s favorite Grinch character is here. Embroider the crochet grinch pattern step by step right now and get it ready for Christmas. I think there is no one who does not know the Grinch character. It first appeared in the Christmas story. Although he does not like the Christmas season, it has become a symbol of winter holidays and Christmas. You can now make this green, pot-bellied and pear-looking cute monster for free. I’m sure kids will love this. I also think it would be a nice Christmas gift for adults. It is quite easy to do. Since its body and head are a single piece, it will not strain you too much. Other parts were subsequently fixed to the body. As you can see it’s pretty simple. Now let’s follow these cute grinch crochet pattern instructions together.

Grinch Crochet Pattern

Designer: lanalunacl

Materials and tools

Green velvet or similar (I used dolce of yarnart)
For the scarf: medium weight acrylic yarn or cotton, red and white.
Crochet hooks 5.0 mm and 3.0 mm (or whatever suits you)
Safety eyes 14 mm.
Darker green felt (different from the body)
Yarn needle


Sc: Single crochet
Slst: Slip stitch
Hdc: Half double crochet
Ch: Chain
Inc: Increase
Dec: Decrease
FLO: Front loop only
BLO: Back loop only
*: Repeat around

Head and body

1) 6 sc into magic ring
2) inc in each st (12)
3) 1sc, inc * (18)
4) 2sc, inc * (24)
5-6) sc in each st (24)
7) 4 sc, 3 inc of hdc, 6 sc, 3 inc of hdc, 8 sc (30)
8) sc in each st (30)
9) 4 sc, 3 dec, 6 sc, 3 dec, 8 sc (24)
10) 2 sc, dec * (18)
Eyes between rounds 6 and 7 with 3 stitches of visible separation.
11) 1sc, dec * (12)
Fill and continue with the body.
12) in FLO 1 sc, inc * (18)
13-14) sc in each st (18)
15) 2sc, inc * (24)
16) 3sc, inc * (30)
17) sc in each st (30)
18) 3sc, dec* (24)
19) dec x 12 (12)
20) dec x 6 (6), fill and close with needle.

head and body

Arms (make 2)

1) 6 sc into magic ring
2-5) sc in each st (6)
Don’t fill.
Leave long tail to sew.


Legs (make 2)

1) 6 sc into magic ring
2) inc in each st (12)
3) in BLO sc in each st (12)
4) 1sc, dec* (8)
Fill lightly.
Leave long tail to sew.



5 chain, from the second ch from the hook make 4 slst, you already have a strand, there are 3 so repeat two more times (5 ch + 4 slst) when you have the 3, leave a long tail to sew.


Face details

With felt of a different green than the Grinch’s body, cut out three oval shapes, 2 eyebrows and a nose.
You can sew them or glue them with silicone.

face details


Hair sewn right into the magic ring on the head.
Eyebrows glued diagonally above the eyes.
With black yarn embroider details of the mouth.



With acrylic yarn or cotton.
You will crochet in rows so at the end of each row you will make a ch and you will turn the scarf.
Crochet with both strands white and red together.
We start with red.


5 ch, from the second: 4 sc, 1 ch turns,
4 sc, change to white, 1 ch and turn,
4 sc, 1 ch and turn,
4 sc, change to red, 1 ch and turn,
And so on until you have the length you want for the scarf.

Last remarks

You can add strands at the beginning and end of the scarf.
The arms are sewn just right under the head.
The legs are sewn together 5 rounds down the head approx.
You can fold the scarf, sew it or glue it to the neck.

last remarks

Your crochet grinch amigurumi toy is ready for the new year!


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